Dynavision D2™ Reactive Training

D2 Dynavision

Many patients who have experienced a stroke, brain injury, orthopedic injury or other neurological event have problems with their vision and/or movement. The Dynavision D2™ helps patients improve in these areas for a more complete recovery and better quality of life.

The innovation of Dynavision D2

Dynavision D2 is a computerized reaction training light board that uses visual stimuli to help patients with neuro and orthopedic conditions.

The D2 features a large 4- by 5-foot board with 65 small red or green target buttons that randomly light up one at a time. Lights are programmed to light up according to each individual’s abilities and goals.

During therapy, the patient stands or sits in front of the board and searches to locate each button that lights up. Once a target is found, the patient touches the light, causing another light to go off. The patient’s goal is to increase speed and accuracy.

Abilities that can benefit from using Dynavision D2

  • Balance
  • Driving abilities
  • Daily living activities like cooking and cleaning
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • On-the-job performance
  • Perception
  • Reaction time
  • Social and leisure activity interaction
  • Strength
  • Visual scanning speed for better decision-making skills

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