Patient Testimonial

Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Chris Moore, 47, is an example of how hard work and perseverance pays off. 

On Halloween in 2015, Chris was stopped at a traffic light on his motorcycle when he was rear-ended. Gravely injured, the Concord, Massachusetts resident was rushed to the nearby emergency room at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Massachusetts.

With a spinal cord injury, C1-2 to C6, and multiple fractured ribs, it was uncertain if he would ever walk again. However, after two weeks he had a glimmer of hope – Chris was able to wiggle his toes. With this development, he and his family were tasked with finding the next appropriate step in his care.

He and his family decided to seek rehabilitation at HealthSouth New England Rehabilitation Hospital in Woburn. 

“The choice to come here was all about my family,” Chris said. “The location of the hospital was key, as my family lived about 20 minutes away. I am so blessed I chose this hospital. It was the best decision at such a difficult time in my life.”

Chris spent two months at HealthSouth New England, working with this therapy team to regain his independence and eventually walk again.

He was discharged just in time for this birthday. At the time, he was walking more than 500 feet with an assistive device and was also able to go up and down 18 stairs with just one railing for support and minimal assistance from his therapists. 

When asked about the level of care he received at HealthSouth New England, Chris said, “The therapy staff was awesome! They pushed me every day, and they didn’t slack off.” 

As for his recovery, Chris is now able to walk again without assistance. He was also able to get back on his motorcycle, a pastime he always enjoyed. He is grateful for another chance at life and the care that he received at HealthSouth New England Rehabilitation Hospital. 

 “I would absolutely recommend this hospital,” he said when visiting in the spring of 2018, “Everyone here went above and beyond every day to help me get better.”